All-In-One Phone/Radio 

Hello Anywhere also offers a unique product manufactured by Motorola under their iDEN brand, which is a cellular phone and two way radio built into one device. Hello Anywhere works with two network carriers Telus Mobility - MIKE (in Canada) and Nextel (in the United States) in order to provide our clients with this unique product on a short-term rental basis. 

All-In-One phone/radio rental solutions are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For clients' that are unable to pick-up we can arrange for efficient and affordable delivery, right to your door. All Motorola i690 All-In-One phone/radio units are shipped with, two batteries, leather case/clip, AC wall charger, instruction manual & convenient carrying case. 

For special events, conferences and conventions  the Motorola i690 All-In-One phone/radio is ideal.

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Motorola i690 

The Motorola i690 All-In-One phone/radio offers exciting features that help you manage your busy schedule. Intended for clients' who want something small and durable, the Motorola i690 is perfect.

The Motorola i690's has cellular capability along with a unique group and private conferencing for quick and cost-effective communications. No matter where your work takes you, it's easy to stay in touch with your entire team. With the touch of a button, the innovative Group Call feature allows you to conference with several people at once. Use Private Call to link instantly to any one member of your team. 


All-In-One Phone/Radio Rental Rates: CAD$

Motorola i690
(All-In-One Phone/Radio)


$39.95 $69.95
Phone Usage Charges
(Billed Per Minute)
$0.69 / Min $0.59 / Min $0.49 / Min
Private Dispatch Charges
(Unlimited Private $25 / Unit)
$0.39 / Min  $0.39 / Min  $0.39 / Min 
Group Dispatch Charges
(Group Setup $10 / Unit)
$0.39 / Min $0.39 / Min $0.39 / Min

* Each additional week add $10.  (Handset rental only add $10)
* Minimum 1 Week Rental

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