Our BlackBerry solution combines e-mail, phone, peer-to-peer messaging, organizer, web and corporate data applications all in a single, compact device. BlackBerry devices utilize GSM infrastructure (Global System for Mobile Communications) for voice communications, which is available in over 170+ countries worldwide. Data communications utilize GPRS infrastructure (General Packet Radio Service), which is available in over 70+ countries worldwide . We carry quad-band BlackBerry devices that support (GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz), enabling domestic and international roaming. 

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Get the voice capability you need, plus the data and e-mail access you want. This professional business tool provides a complete voice and e-mail solution that will keep you connected to people and information when you're traveling around the world.

BlackBerry Rental Rates: CAD$



$99.95 $249.95
Voice Usage Charges
(Billed Per Minute)
Contact us for details.
Data Usage Charges
(Billed Per Minute)
$0.20 / kB $0.15 / kB $0.10 / kB

* Each additional week add $80.  (Handset rental only add $50)
* Minimum 1 Week Rental

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