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The GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) infrastructure is the most widely used cellular technology worldwide. Rogers Wireless and/or Microcell's (FIDO's) roaming service offers international roaming solutions to some 166+ countries and over 300+ roaming partners worldwide. GSM operates on 4 different frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz.) and uses what's called a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), which is sometimes referred to as a SIM Card, SMART Card or SIM Chip. If you already have a Card from your wireless operator, but don't have a Tri-band and/or Quad-band phone, why not rent such a phone? These GSM handsets may be rented for an additional $10.

We offer two types of GSM phones, Business or an Executive Phone Package which may be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with or without the SMART/SIM Card. Units come complete with 2 batteries, AC Charger, Leather Case/Clip, Power Cord/CLA and instructions in a Carrying Case. Just contact us, and we'll be happy to have any of our packages delivered wherever you might be staying in Canada.

You have the choice between a Canadian based or Foreign based phone # (SIM Card).

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GSM Business Phone Package

The Motorola V-60 is perfect for business travellers who are trying to stay within a certain budget with a black/white display.

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GSM Executive Phone Package

The Motorola V-180 is for clients who demand a sleek, sophisticated phone with a colour display & other features as voice activated dialing, GPRS, quad-band capability.

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SALE - Motorola Timeport World Phone
Includes Spare Battery, AC Charger, Vechile Power Adapter, Leather Case & Univeral Adaptor
for just $25.00.

Contact us for details.


GSM Cellular Rental Rates: CAD$

Business Phone 
(Motorola V-60)


$39.95 $69.95
Executive Phone
(Motorola V-180)


$59.95 $89.95
Usage Charges
(Contact us for details.)


Varies Varies

* Each additional week add $10 (Handset rental only add $10)
* Minimum 3 Day Rental

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