SIM Cards 

Our customers have the option of going with a local Canadian based SIM Card (phone #) or a Foreign based SIM Card with the use of a business or executive phone rental. 

A Canadian based SIM Card is the best solution for clients renting a phone for emergency purposes or those wishing to make it convenient for Canadian's to call them. The advantage is that there is NO activation fee and clients are provided with a local Canadian phone number capable of roaming in over 160 countries on over 250 roaming partner networks using the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) infrastructure. Incoming calls and local airtime start at $2.49/minute and international calls to Canada start at $2.99/minute.

A Foreign based SIM Card makes the most economical sense if you are staying in a single country for a period of time. There is a 1-time activation fee ranging from $25 - $40, however incoming calls are FREE in the country where the number originates. Local airtime starts at $1.49/minute and international call to Canada start at $2.49/minute. We can provide SIM Cards for numerous countries including, Australia, Belgium, China,  France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom. 

Those traveling to multiple destinations are faced with a difficult decision as to which type of SIM Card would be the best solution. In most cases we recommend a Canadian based SIM Card as it is extremely convenient and less costly than activating several foreign based SIM Cards. 


Canadian vs. Foreign SIM Card Example 
Airtime Usage Rates For The United Kingdom*

SIM CARD OPTIONS Incoming Outgoing 
UK to UK
UK to Canada
Canadian SIM
(Toronto #)

$2.49 / Min

$2.49 / Min $2.99 / Min
Foreign SIM
(UK #)


$1.49 / Min $2.49 / Min

* Airtimes rates for comparison purposes only and are subject to change.
** FREE only in the United Kingdom.

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