Hello Anywhere exclusively carries Motorola numeric and alphanumeric pagers that are known for their durability and reliability. Each pager comes complete with a charged alkaline battery and instructions.

With numeric service, a caller can leave a numeric message from any touch-tone telephone. The numeric message is then be dispatched and ends up getting displayed on the pager screen. With the added feature of "Voice Mail", callers may also leave a voice message. If your own pager number appears on the screen, it is a notification that a verbal message was left. 

Alphanumeric service is a little more complex and requires a physical person to dispatch the message. In most cases you can subscribe to a dispatch service, which offers operators 24-hours a day to answer calls and dispatch messages to your pager. Other dispatch options include dispatch your own messages from an dispatch board or installing your own dispatch software right on your computer.

Pager service is available only in Canada where coverage exists.

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Motorola Pronto FLEX Numeric Pager

The Pronto FLEX pager provides you with numeric messages so you're never out to touch from the important people in your life. The top mount display and easy to use operation make this pager an easy choice for basic numeric messaging. Take Control of your Active Life!

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Motorola Wordline FLEX Alphanumeric Pager

This sleek and compact Wordline FLEX pager gives you complete messages, often eliminating the need to call back. With this pager you can be sure that you will get the message about the meeting on Monday or the one about the change of location. The Word is Out!

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Pager Rental Rates: CAD$

Numeric Pager
(Pronto FLEX)


$19.95 $24.95
Alphanumeric Pager
(WordLine FLEX)


$29.95 $34.95

 * Minimum 1 Week Rental

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