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You have made a decision to explore purchasing a satellite phone.  Some of the decisions that you will have to make will be whether you require something mobile and/or fixed, area of coverage required, budget and/or whether data transmission speed is critical.  All satellite communication providers offer a selection of hands-free car kits, external antennas with different adaptations to suit a trailer, building, yacht or just simply to attach to a handheld unit. Please call us directly to confirm your needs & exact specifications!  Let’s now explore some basic satellite phone solutions & networks out there. If you're interested in renting, click here for more details!


Iridium Satellite Phone Purchase Solutions

The Iridium 9505A handheld unit is ideal as a global solution, weights only 375 grams/13.2 ounces and can be purchased for $1,849.95.  The Iridium System offers the most extensive global wireless personal communication network.  One international telephone number, through the use of personal subscriber identification module (SIM) chip, will help keep you connected.  All incoming calls are free & all outgoing calls are billed at a fixed rate regardless of where you might be.  No roaming fees or other long distance implications.  You also have the option of attaching an external mount antenna for use in a cottage, boat … Iridium also offers the Eurocom Fixed/Sailer Mount Unit ($3,995.95), whether you’re relaxing on your yacht, working on a commercial vessel or working out of a remote office. Text messages of 160 characters in length can be received one can transmit data with data cables.

Transmission Speed Specifications - 2400 buad or 2.4 kbps

Airtime Packages 
Post-paid plans at $39.95/month plus airtime, starting at $1.79/minute. Prepaid options start at $99.95 for 50 free minutes & additional minutes at $1.99/minute.

  Globalstar Satellite Phone Purchase Solutions

Globalstar offers a number of different satellite phone solutions along with a variety of post & pre-paid airtime options.  Its voice clarity is exceptional and comes with telecommunications services such as short message service (SMS) & voicemail services (VMS).  However, coverage is limited to North & South America, Europe, Middle East, Southern Africa, Eastern Asia & Western Oceania. The Globalstar SP-1600 handheld unit may be purchased for $799.95.  They also offer an optional hands-free car kit GCK-1410 ($949.95) and a transportable kit TCK-1410 ($1299.95). The magnetic rooftop antenna directs the signal to Globalstar’s satellites allowing you to make or receive calls while in the vehicle.  Globalstar fixed phones allow you to make satellite calls from inside buildings where traditional telephone service is not available.  The FAU-200 fixed phone ($699.95) is a cost-effective voice only communication solution while the GSP-2900 ($2,399.95) comes complete with voice & data capability.

Transmission Speed Specifications – 2400 buad or 2.4 kbps

Airtime Packages
Post-paid plans start from $49.95/month (30 minutes free) to $399.95/month (1250 free minutes) & airtime from $1.59-$0.89/minute. Also available, prepaid options starting at $360 for 260 free minutes & addt’l airtime @ $2.49/minute.


  Thuraya Satellite Phone Purchase Solutions

The Thuraya Hughes 7101, France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications offers you a combined satellite and cell phone, with a built-in location finder (Global Positioning System-GPS) in a handset no bigger than an ordinary cell phone. Weighing only 220 grams it can be purchased for $1,124.95.  Switch from satellite to GSM and from GSM to satellite, wherever mobile terrestrial GSM networks are available.  Thuraya’s network provides virtually seamless coverage for 99 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North & Central Africa, CIS countries & South Asia.

Transmission Speed Specifications – 9600 buad or 9.6 kbps

Airtime Packages
Post-paid plans from $39.95/month (5 free MB) & additional @ $7.50/MB to $2,999.95 with unlimited airtime. Prepaid plans starting from $75 with 8.33 free MB & addt’l $7.50/MB

INMARSAT Mini-M, M-4/GAN & new B-GAN Satellite Phone Purchase Solutions

The INMARSAT Mini-M, M4/GAN & B-GAN satellite phones offer a cost-effective and reliable voice, fax, and data services from virtually anywhere in the world.  Manufacturers of Inmarsat satellite phones offer not only a transportable unit, but also a variety of fixed docking stations, hands-free kits, antenna and other types of solutions as well. Transportable units come with a rugged & elegant custom designed case-containing antenna with RF in the lid along with the phone handset & transceiver in the base. The equipment is designed for quick and reliable operation under all extreme conditions. It’s an ideal communication tool for business travelers and field workers.  Transportable terminals are about the size of a notebook computer and may weigh as little as 1 kg.

INMARSAT Mini-M Satellite Phone Purchase Solutions

These units weigh approx. 2.2 to 2.4 kg. & all have a build-in battery along with AC charger. From this unit you can send & receive faxes, data, scanned images, and email while in remote outposts or modern cities.  You can connect it directly into a computer, external fax or second handset.  Although they offer global coverage, recent satellite developments have made these units somewhat obsolete if you require a quick & cost-effective data transmission solution. This may explain why there are sometimes pre-owned Nera Worldphone Office satellite phones available for purchase for as little as $1,499.95 vs. a new one for $3,599.95.

Transmission Speed Specifications – 2400 - 4800 buad or 2.4 - 4.8 kbps

Airtime Packages
No monthly fees with voice, fax & data airtime fees of $2.99/minute depending on zone!

INMARSAT M4/GAN Satellite Phone Purchase Solutions

The Inmarsat M4 service is a combination of mini-M's low-speed voice, fax, and data capabilities with Inmarsat B's High-speed Data (HSD) feature. This service was tailored to suit the large data transfer requirements of clients in many sectors – especially the resource exploration, government, humanitarian and media industries. Users of this service obtain affordable, low-speed voice, fax along with the cost-efficient High-Speed Data (HSD) & the Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) capabilities.  With this option of “always on” IP connectivity, users only pay for data packets transmitted and received. Inmarsat M4 also utilizes the same spot beam satellite technology as mini-M, making it very small, lightweight (approx. 4 kg.) & power efficient. The EMS Storm phone can be purchased for $8,749.95 while the Thrane & Thrane Capasat Messenger costs as much as $10,449.95.

Transmission Speed Specifications – 5600 - 6400 buad or 56 - 64 kbps

Airtime Packages
No monthly fees with voice at $2.99/minute & data from $4.99 to $9.25/minute!

INMARSAT BGAN Satellite Phone Purchase Solutions

Sometime in late April 2006, Inmarsat will be launching a revolution in mobile satellite services with the introduction of BGAN, a mobile broadband solution that provides simultaneous voice & high-speed data connectivity – up to 492 kbps.  Using a lightweight satellite terminal weighing less than a 1 kg., about the size of a laptop PC, BGAN users will have 16 times the power & capacity of current satellite phone solutions, providing significantly enhanced performance & capability for users. Be the first to experience the power of the BGAN platform with our lower-speed, data-only R-BGAN service.  Just ask us about the networks offer of a $500 credit towards the purchase of a new BGAN terminal when it becomes available.  Purchase price range from $2,899.95 for the Nera Pro 1000 to $3,499.95 for the Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500 satellite phone.

Transmission Speed Specifications – 38400 buad – 49200 buad or 384 – 492 kbps. 

Airtime Packages
Monthly fees range from $49.95 to $7,999.95 with voice @ $1.25/minute & data ranging from $8.49/MB to $4.49/MB.

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